Leo Hindery

Leo Hindery

Formal First Name
10/31/1947 - present

Leo Hindery is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trine Acquisition Corp, a special purpose acquisition company headquartered in New York City. He is a long-standing advocate for business ethics and the positive role that business can play in society. Hindery is also distinguished by his decades of commitment to diversity and his commitment to the development of ethnically sensitive channels and programming for African Americans, Latinos, and Puerto Ricans. Long before it became the prominent topic it is today, Hindery was a champion for diversity and inclusion.

Professional Experience

Academic History




  • Hindery won five executive producer Emmys for outstanding programming.
  • 25 Most Influential Executives Over the Past 25 Years 
  • 30 Individuals with the Most Significant Impact on Cable's Early History
  • Executive Achievement Award of the National Association of Minorities in Cable
  • CTPAA President's Award for Outstanding Commitment to Public Affairs
  • Distinguished Vanguard Award for Leadership of the National Cable Television Association
  • Top 25 Executives of the Year of BusinessWeek
  • Oates-Shrum Leadership Award of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund
  • Man of the Year Award of the Kidney & Urology Foundation of America
  • Joel A. Berger Award
  • International Cable Executive of the Year and Foundation Award of the International Radio & Television Society 1998
  • Cable Television Operator of the Year 1999
  • Hall of Fame of the Minority Media & Telecom Council 2002
  • The Chapel of Four Chaplains Legion of Honor Award 2004
  • Asia Society and TPAA their Founders Award 2005


  • Hindery races a Porsche GT3 RS professionally.
  • His racing resume, which began in NASCAR from 1995 to 1997, includes the last four 24 Hours of Le Mans (2002-2005) where he finished second in 2003 and first in 2005.