Economic Policy

Full Name
Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow

One of Ludwig von Mises’s bestselling books, this contains a very explanation of the basics of economic policy. With six lectures that tackles policies such as private property, free trade, exchange, prices, and interest, he also addressed the many merits of market institutions and the dangers of intervention. This book is an excellent introduction to the term of economic principles, laid out in a non-technical fashion, providing an accessible reference to every influential economist. Economic Policy explains such as capitalism, socialism, interventionism, inflation, foreign investment, and economic policies and ideas. This substantial book helps you gain a fundamental understanding of the interaction and relationships between market forces and government intervention.

Table of Contents
First Lecture: Capitalism

  • The Beginning of Capitalism
  • Businesses Serve Customers
  • Capitalism Raises Living Standards
  • Capitalist Savings Benefit Workers

Second Lecture: Socialism

  • Freedom in Society
  • Consumers Are the Bosses
  • Status Society
  • Social Mobility
  • Government Planning
  • Economic Calculation
  • The “Soviet Experiment”

Third Lecture: Interventionism

  • Government-Operated Enterprises
  • What Is Interventionism?
  • Why Price Controls Fail
  • Wartime Interventions
  • Rent Control
  • Is There a Middle-of-the-Road System?

Fourth Lecture: Inflation

  • Printing Press MoneyStep-by-Step Price Increases
  • Governments Do Not Like to Tax
  • Inflation Cannot Last
  • Gold Standard
  • Inflation and Wage Rates
  • Wages and “Full Employment”

Fifth Lecture: Foreign Investment

Sixth Lecture: Politics and Ideas