Jon Trask

Jon Trask

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Jon Trask is the Chief Executive Officer of Dimitra, a leading agriculture technology company headquartered in Belize City. He is a recognized blockchain expert with an extensive background in enterprise software development. He is also credited for designing complex supply chains for multinational corporations. Trask has a large impact on global revolution, from leading a career in logistics and supply chain to revolutionizing in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Trask developed a penchant for cryptography and security right after school.
  • After honing his skills in logistics and supply chain, he then moved into emerging technology.
  • He created Blockchain Guru with a focus on software development, training, and consulting in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. 
  • He began focusing on the global Agricultural Technology niche in 2020 with a mission to help small farmers around the world.  
  • His success in business can be attributed to facing business challenges head-on, listening to customers, and uniting his team in the direction of the vision, motivation, and objectives.


  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blockchain Guru
  • Chief Executive Officer of Dimitra Technology
  • Partner of the Blockchain Training Alliance 
  • Blockchain Pioneer at the Blockchain Research Institute
  • Instructor of Digital Solutioning, Blockchain Fundamentals, and Blockchain Architecture at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology


  • Trask has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.