Dimitra Technology

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Dimitra is an international company that applies advanced technology to provide actionable data so farmers and governments can enrich economies through increased crop yields and healthier livestock. The firm provides venture capital and agritech innovations prizes to advance the ecosystem and deliver valuable insight to farmers globally. With over 15 million farmers registered, Dimitra is establishing itself among the largest agriculture technology providers today.


  • My Farm - Farm registration, set goals, establish geofences, order supplies, manage invoices, manage inventory, manage workers, manage maintenance and equipment, and create a schedule. 
  • My Crops - Manage the cycle of specific crops: soil preparation, planting, irrigation, pest management, harvest, and storage.
  • My Livestock - Register livestock, make observations, sell or trade, audit performance, and take pictures or videos.
  • My Documents - Record copies of your permits, licenses, chemical safety information, inspections, and contracts.
  • Knowledge Garden - A growing repository of best practices on how to manage all of the elements of a farm including crop knowledge, livestock information, soil preparation practices, pest management, and more.