Blockchain Guru

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Blockchain Guru is a blockchain and artificial intelligence consulting and software development firm. As one of Canada's top blockchain consulting firms, Blockchain Guru is on a mission to educate and assist corporations with their knowledge of blockchain technology. The firm specializes in enabling corporations to develop and/or integrate blockchain and machine learning into their business.


  • Since its inception in 2017, Blockchain Guru has produced over 20 blockchain projects and is recognized as a world leader in the emerging technology space

  • The firm offers various services, including consulting, education, and scholarship programs to help leaders navigate the digital transformation landscape.

  • The firm is led by Jon Trask, a recognized blockchain expert with an extensive background in enterprise software development.

  • He is also credited for designing complex supply chains for multinational corporations. 


  • Consulting. 

Assisting businesses in understanding how blockchain can benefit their operations, identifying relevant use cases, and developing implementation strategies.

  • Training. 

Educational workshops or online courses on blockchain technology and its applications.

  • Certification Programs. 

Programs that equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to work with blockchain technology.