Heidi Heitkamp

Heidi Heitkamp

Formal First Name
Mary Kathryn (Heidi)
10/30/1955 - present

Heidi Heitkamp was the first woman ever elected to represent North Dakota as a United States Senator. During her term, she prioritized improving the lives of indigenous people and working families: stopping human trafficking, guaranteeing affordable health care, addressing childhood trauma, eliminating unnecessary regulation, and securing an energy policy that keeps costs low but achieves climate goals. Heitkamp also has a long record with energy development in North Dakota.


  • The first bill Heitkamp introduced in the Senate, which became law in 2016, created a Commission on Native Children. 
  • Her bill with former Senator John McCain became law to create Amber Alerts in Indian Country
  • She introduced Savanna’s Act to help address the crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women. 
  • She pushed to provide training and resources for first responders and worked to combat human trafficking in North Dakota, across the country, and around the world.
  • She worked to responsibly harness North Dakota’s energy resources, and successfully pushed to lift the 40-year old ban on exporting U.S. crude oil while expanding support for renewable energies, like wind and solar energy development.
  • She has pushed to make healthcare more affordable and accessible.
  • She fought back against efforts to repeal the health reform law and tried to make the law work better for families and businesses.
  • She halted attempts to slash Medicaid and Medicare or privatize Social Security.
  • She voted against the Republican tax bill and has called for a fairer tax system that doesn’t drastically increase the nation’s debt and deficit.
  • She helped introduce legislation to create a federal paid family and medical leave policy.
  • She led the effort to get the Export-Import Bank up and running to boost American manufacturing and support American workers and businesses.
  • She strongly backed legislation to prevent discrimination in the workplace against LGBTQ individuals.
  • She fought for retirement security for families and seniors by working to solve the pension crisis facing many retirees.
  • She pushed to reform the nation’s housing finance system, make housing more affordable, and provide relief to small financial institutions.
  • She sat on the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, where she helped write, negotiate, and pass two long-term, comprehensive Farm Bills which Congress passed. 


  • Senator Heitkamp served as North Dakota’s Tax Commissioner
  • She also served as North Dakota’s Attorney General where she helped broker an agreement between 46 states and the tobacco industry, which forced the tobacco industry to tell the truth about smoking and health. It was one of the largest civil settlements in U.S. history
  • She has stood up for tribal communities and worked to improve outcomes for Native American children, women, and families. 
  • She has demonstrated her passion for economic development by spearheading the strategic development of renewable energies and the passage of two long-term, comprehensive Farm Bills.