Evan Helda

Evan Helda

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Evan Helda is the Principal Specialist for Spatial Computing at Amazon Web Services, the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud. At AWS, he is spearheading business development, partnerships, and go-to-market strategy for all things VR, AR, and real-time 3D. Helda has been at the forefront of the immersive technology for the past years, operating as a business development and strategy leader at numerous layers of the XR tech stack; from headsets and apps to middleware and game engines, to cloud and edge compute/5G. Previously, he led sales and partnerships at AR headset pioneer Meta, where he built one of the industry's first ecosystems of AR developers and enterprise end-users. He then led the business development in North America for Improbable, the creators of SpatialOS — a platform for developing massive virtual worlds and persistent simulations. Helda is the Writer of Medium Energy, a newsletter on exponential tech, being human, and the convergence of two. He is also an Advisor for NFTY Labs, a Web3 company specializing in credit and DeFi markets for NFTs.

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  • He defined and executed product and go-to-market strategy for spatial computing for AWS.

  • He identified and drove strategic partnerships and business development initiatives, and helped lighthouse customers build, adopt, and scale AR/VR/3d solutions.

  • He also designed and executed go-to-market strategy for AWS Edge Compute solutions, consisting of Outposts, Local Zones, and Wavelength.


  • He was Director of Sales and Partnerships at Meta - at the time, one of the leading augmented reality companies in the world.

  • He also built a global ecosystem of enterprise customers, partners, and developers on top Meta's AR platform. Meta was sold and relaunched as Campfire 3D.

  • Before that, he was a Digital Sales Manager at Extreme Reach, a cloud-based, SaaS video platform.



  • Helda has been interviewed and featured in various financial media outlets and podcasts.

  • He has been interviewed or quoted at Yahoo! Finance, CoinDesk, and more.

  • He appeared as a guest on Real Vision.