Founding Date

NFTY Labs is at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, specializing in credit and decentralized finance markets for non-fungible tokens. A pioneer in cross-chain NFT standards, NFTY Labs enables a secure and seamless digital economy, leveraging Web3 technology to build the next layers of non-fungible token infrastructure and turn speculative value into tangible utility. The company is committed to the construction of tools aimed at fostering growth within token ecosystems as well as to facilitating the establishment of cross-chain NFT standards and practices.


  • Building Infrastructure.

    They aim to develop tools and platforms that support the growth and sustainability of token ecosystems, particularly NFTs. 

  • Bridging NFTs with Traditional Finance.

    NFTY Labs aims to integrate NFTs with established financial structures, like credit markets.

  • Innovation and Community.

    They emphasize their commitment to pioneering new concepts and technologies in the NFT space. Additionally, they value community building and engaging with users to shape their products and initiatives.

  • NFT Marketplaces.

    NFTY Labs is also developing its own NFT marketplace, which will allow users to buy and sell NFTs directly on the platform.

  • Cross-chain Functionality.

    NFTY Labs is working on making its platform compatible with multiple blockchains, which will allow users to move their NFTs and DeFi positions between different chains.


  • NFTY Labs' flagship platform that offers decentralized liquidity solutions for non-fungible tokens.

  • Through NFTY.Finance, users can use their NFTs as collateral to borrow cryptocurrency or stablecoins. 

  • It allows users to split their NFTs into smaller pieces, which can then be bought and sold by other users.