David Woo

David Woo

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David Woo is a renowned macroeconomist and former Wall Street global strategist, known as the Founder and CEO of David Woo Unbound, a global forum dedicated to the promotion of fact-based debates about markets, politics, and economics. Previously, David was the Head of Global Interest Rates, Foreign Exchange, Emerging Market Fixed Income & Economics Research at Bank of America, where he researched the world financial markets. At BoA, he was responsible for the bank’s views and forecasts for developed and emerging sovereign bond yields and exchange rates. He was also the head of Global Foreign Exchange Strategy at Barclays Capital and the Head of Local Markets Strategy for Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa at Citigroup. David is known on Wall Street for his bold and out-of-consensus calls. He was the first Wall Street analyst to initiate a coverage in Bitcoin in 2013, and he predicted that Bitcoin would prove to be a viable alternative to traditional money transfer providers.

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  • David Woo Unbound provides independent and rigorous analysis of the most important global macro trends today.

  • The forum aims to provide unfiltered and critical analysis of the changing global landscape.

  • It also makes bold and actionable predictions about the new global macro environment.


  • 2020 prediction about the US presidential election results and contestation

  • 2019 US-China trade deal and Boris Johnson's decisive victory in the UK general election

  • 2016 Donald Trump's presidential victory, Treasury yielding and USD rising afterwards

  • 2016 12 Smartest People on Wall Street by Business Insider

  • 2015 China to devalue the renminbi, slowing down the normalization of monetary policy in the US

  • 2013 coverage on Bitcoin and its potential to be an alternative for money transfers


  • David has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.