David Wessel

David Wessel

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1954 - present

David Wessel is a journalist and writer who has shared two Pulitzer Prizes for journalism. David is a Senior Fellow in Economic Studies and Director of the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at the Brookings Institution, and a Contributing Correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. Prior to joining Brookings in 2013, David spent 30 years on the staff of WSJ, where he was most recently an economics editor and writer of the "Capital", a weekly look at the economy and forces shaping living standards around the world. Previously, David worked for the Boston Globe, the Hartford Courant and Middletown Press. He also has taught in the Dartmouth Tuck School of Business Global 2030 executive education program and in the journalism program at Princeton University. He has written two New York Times best-sellers: “Red Ink: Inside the High Stakes Politics of the Federal Budget” and “In Fed We Trust: Ben Bernanke’s War on the Great Panic”. David appears frequently on NPR's Morning Edition and WETA's Washington Week.

Professional Experience

Academic History




  • 1984 Pulitzer Prize for Local Investigative Specialized Reporting

  • 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting


  • Only the Rich Can Play: How Washington Works in the New Gilded Age (2021)

  • Global Goliaths: Multinational Corporations in the 21st Century Economy (Co-author, 2021)

  • Red Ink: Inside the High-Stakes Politics of the Federal Budget (2012)

  • In FED We Trust: Ben Bernanke's War on the Great Panic (2009)