Unbounded Capital

Unbounded Capital is the world's first venture capital and hedge fund investing in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. A crypto-focused firm, the firm invests via early-stage equity in companies building on top of Bitcoin as well as asset and derivative exposure to Bitcoin itself. Unbounded Capital envisions to leverage Bitcoin as a predominant role in shaping how people interact with and use the internet in the coming decades. The firm matches a deep understanding of Bitcoin with extensive VC and entrepreneurial experience to help build the Bitcoin economy through identifying, funding, and then guiding the best Bitcoin-native businesses. The firm believes that BSV emerges as the blockchain and that the Metanet, an internet built using BS as a super-charged database, transforms the way business is done online.

Unbounded Capital Portfolio

  • Planaria Corp - Develops tools which make reading and organizing information written to the Bitcoin blockchain simple.

  • Run on Bitcoin - Platform to build apps and tokens on Bitcoin using JavaScript.

  • HandCash - A leading mobile wallet for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

  • Xoken Labs - Building key technology for Bitcoin's scalability

  • UNISOT - An enterprise grade supply chain solution, the Bitcoin public ledger

  • Tokenized - Easiest and safest way to issue, manage, and trade security and utility tokens on Bitcoin

  • TAAL - A leading, and publicly traded Bitcoin transaction processor

  • Haste - Revolutionizing online gaming through their new Instant Leaderboard Payout incentive mechanism

  • TDXP - Revolutionary new market making derivatives brokerage

  • Bitcoin Satoshi Vision - Version of Bitcoin prioritizing scale, stability, and legal compliance

  • Pngme - Simplified financial data so developers can innovate faster