Zach Resnick

Zach Resnick

Formal First Name
Zachary (Zach)

Zach Resnick is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Unbounded Capital, the world's first venture capital and hedge fund investing within the BSV enterprise blockchain ecosystem. He is focused on investing in efficient blockchains and the early-stage companies that utilize this transformation technology. Zach and his team envisions businesses leveraging Bitcoin playing a predominant role in shaping how people interact with and use the internet in the coming decades, and are working to help entrepreneurs achieve that vision. He is also a Founder of poker education and content company Just Hands Poker, and of discounted biz/first class flight concierge service EasyPoint. In 2016, Zach made his first personal investment in Bitcoin and began a disciplined due diligence process for investing in crypto assets. He then began managing founding partner Dan Rosen’s capital and the continued success investing gave them the confidence and capital to start the firm in the SF bay area, officially launching in August of 2018.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Zach is passionate about investing in early stage companies that utilize blockchains.

  • He spent his early 20s making a living from playing cash games and investing in other poker players.

  • Through games, he acquired a unique understanding of risk management through high-risk, high-reward situations of poker.