Rocklinc Investment Partners

Rocklinc Investment Partners is an independent investment management firm focusing solely on creating portfolios of high quality assets customized for each client. The firm aims to be a world class provider of prudent wealth management services for discreet investors, including private individuals, families, corporations and foundations. Founded in 2010, Rocklinc is an organization anchored to time tested principles of value investing, buying assets below their long-term intrinsic value and patiently holding until the value has been realized.


Kokomo Fund

  • Ownership stakes in 20-30 businesses that are run by competent and honest management teams

  • Focused on North American businesses, with flexibility to invest globally

  • Prepared to go against the crowd and think independently

Partners Fund

  • Limited number of investments (20-30 stocks)

  • Applies a disciplined buy, hold and sell criteria

  • Focus on North American equities with the flexibility to invest globally


  • Safe Assets.

    Will only invest in businesses that are well-capitalized, run by competent and honest management teams and established franchises.

  • Concentrated Portfolios.

    Invests in a handful of high quality companies ensuring adequate diversification, but avoids a common investment error, over-diversification.

  • Medium to Long-Term Holding Period.

    Investments based on a 3-5 year holding period, allowing focus on the true fundamentals of a business.

  • Margin of Safety.

    Only invests in securities when they are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value and have the potential for attractive growth.

  • Understand the Current Economic Environment.

    One has to place each investment opportunity in the context of the current economic environment. Bottom up investing in quality securities of great businesses.

Rocklinc offers a variety of investment products and services, including: