RBC Wealth Management

RBC Wealth Management provides trusted advice and wealth management solutions to individuals, families, and institutions. It serves the needs of high net worth and institutional clients around the world through private banking, credit, investment management, asset management, estate and trust, and other services.


Cash and credit solutions

Simplify your financial life by choosing from a wide range of innovative cash management and financing capabilities.

Client risk prevention

Protect yourself and your loved ones from fraud and financial abuse by following proactive steps tailored to your situation.

Corporate and executive services

Achieve sophisticated financial goals – both professionally and personally – with guidance and specialized capabilities available from RBC.

ESG and responsible investing

Build personal wealth by choosing strategies that are as practical for accomplishing your financial goals as they are for supporting your deeply held personal beliefs.

Estate planning solutions

Provide a secure future for your heirs, ensure your wishes are carried out and support the worthy causes you care about with a carefully constructed estate plan.

Fiduciary support through institutional consulting services

Fulfill your fiduciary obligations with professional assistance to help maximize your effectiveness and minimize your personal liabilities.

Funding education

Help the young scholars in your family achieve their academic goals – as well as gain the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to be successful on the job and in life.

Gifting and philanthropic solutions

You may wish to give during your lifetime to family, friends or organizations whose work you value. Explore solutions, tools, and strategies to help you give effectively.

Insurance solutions

Prepare for the future with insurance strategies that may offer peace of mind about your ability to preserve wealth, provide for loved ones or produce dependable retirement income.

Investments and research

Get the objective information and insights you need to make well-informed portfolio decisions and build wealth by choosing from a broad range of quality investment products.

Private wealth services

Private wealth services offers a team-based approach featuring experienced specialists who can help you and your financial advisor tackle the issues high net worth families face.

Retirement income planning

Fund your retirement goals and feel confident about enjoying the lifestyle you envision with a dynamic approach to retirement planning focused on managing risks, making smart choices and sustainability.

Retirement plans

Attract and retain top talent to your business by offering the benefit that may be most important to them – a high-quality, employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Trust services

Accomplish a wide variety of wealth management goals with a trust solution that offers you flexibility, control, privacy and tax efficiency.