Cash Management

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Cash Management: Products and Strategies

Cash, as opposed to more rewarding but riskier assets, such as stocks or bonds, is preferable for meeting large, short-term liabilities that are well defined and predictable. Holding cash is also the only sensible investment choice for meeting contingent liabilities that arise in an emergency. This book features the range of cash management alternatives that are sufficiently wide and complicated to warrant careful planning when deciding on which specific cash vehicles to hold. The general principles of modern portfolio management can and should be applied to professional cash management.

Praise for Cash Management

"Frank Fabozzi's series is the gold standard for investment reference books. Always topical and often influential this is the first place I send students or practitioners when they want to get up to speed on a new area."

⁠— Stephen A. Ross, Franco Modigliani Professor of Finance and Economics, Sloan School, MIT

"The Fabozzi series provides the ultimate educational encyclopedia for the global debt capital markets. Each day, billions of dollars of debt securities trade around the world according to the principles clearly and comprehensively explained in this unrivaled series dedicated to the advancement of our knowledge-based profession."

⁠— Jack Malvey, Managing Director, Chief Global Fixed-Income Strategist, Lehman Brothers

"When in doubt, you can always look it up in a book by Frank Fabozzi. Fabozzi, who's not called the Prolific Professor for nothing, has written or edited dozens of textbooks on investing--all rock-solid, for advanced investors only."

⁠— Jason Zwieg,