Millennium Management

Millennium Management is a global alternative investment manager that pursues a wide range of investment strategies across industry sectors, asset classes, and geographies. The firm’s investment process is driven by independent portfolio management teams, which identify and pursue opportunities according to their specialties and within a risk framework tailored to their strategies.


RV Fundamental Equity

Millennium performs fundamental research on companies both as generalists and as specialists within a particular sector or sub-sector.

Equity Arbitrage

Millennium pursues a variety of systematic and fundamental arbitrage strategies across different parts of a firm’s capital structure and a variety of derivatives, such as merger arbitrage, event-driven strategies, convertible arbitrage, option-volatility trading, and others.

Fixed Income Strategies

Millennium manages a number of different strategies including rates, macro, credit, mortgages and asset-backed securities, and commodities.

Quantitative Strategies

Millennium builds and enhances investment processes that are primarily quantitatively driven and focused on a variety of asset classes, including global equities, interest rates, foreign exchange instruments, and commodity-linked derivative instruments.

Assets under management: $48 billion (as of December 31, 2020)