Izzy Englander

Izzy Englander

Formal First Name
Israel (Izzy)
1948 - present

Israel Englander is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Millennium Management. He has over 35 years of extensive experience in securities and derivatives across a broad range of instruments and strategies. Before establishing Millennium in 1989, Englander worked as a floor broker and trader on the American Stock Exchange and has owned a specialist operation since 1982. He has also been on numerous American Stock Exchange committees, including Allocations, Allocation Procedures, Emerging Company Marketplace, Options, and Special Allocations.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Englander began trading stocks while he was still a high school student.
  • He managed to get himself an internship at Oppenheimer & Company while attending college.
  • He uses strategies such as convertible and merger arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, and fundamental long/short pairing.
  • He says that his success is based on the fact that he has followed a few simple rules throughout his career:
    1. Maintain severe risk control.
    2. Be committed to non-directional strategies.
    3. Be disciplined enough to constantly observe the first two principles.