LVW Advisors

Founding Date

LVW Advisors is an independent financial advisory firm providing advice, transparency, access to vast resources, and innovative solutions to wealthy families and nonprofit institutions nationwide. The firm's holistic approach pairs deep research capabilities and investment management with sophisticated, fully integrated wealth management strategies.


Diversification is a simple yet powerful tool.

  • Complexity is often disguised as diversification.
  • LVW only adds asset classes that are believed to enhance long-term results.

A value orientation provides a margin of safety.

  • The firm's decisions are grounded in its value orientation. It seeks to avoid overpaying.
  • The human factor can make markets irrational, creating opportunities for disciplined investors.

Discipline means using history and valuation metrics as a guide.

  • While history doesn’t always repeat itself, rarely is it true that “this time is different.”
  • Focus on long-term results rather than short-term performance.
  • Rebalance systematically.

Achieving real returns requires attention to inflation, taxes and expenses.

  • Long-term inflation will erode the value of investment assets.
  • Tax-inefficient investments can destroy long-term results.
  • Investment expenses are a drag on portfolio returns.

Consistency breeds results.