GraniteShares is an independent, fully funded ETF that focuses on products using new ideas, innovative structures, and low cost. It is built for investors seeking simple, cost-effective access to commodity and alternative investments. GraniteShares product capabilities in Europe range from short and leveraged single stock ETPs through to the creation of bespoke, focused collateralized baskets to meet the specific investor requirements.

  • GraniteShares listed its first ETFs in the United States in 2017 and its US ETF offering consists of commodities, including physically-backed gold, as well as income from high-yielding assets plus a US large-cap index that screens out the companies likely to underperform.
  • It officially launched its European business in London in 2019 to develop a new category of Exchange Traded Product: collateralized, short, and leveraged exposure to single stocks.
  • The initial listings are listed on the London Stock Exchange and feature exposures to a range of blue-chip companies listed in the United Kingdom.