Davidson Kempner Capital Management

Davidson Kempner Capital Management is a global institutional investment management firm that employs a bottom-up, fundamental method of investing with an event-driven focus and a multi-strategy approach. Davidson Kempner aims to deploy capital in the best risk-adjusted investment opportunities, with main focus on risk management and preservation of capital. The firm invests globally in a variety of credit and equity strategies as well as real assets. They also invest opportunistically across the capital structure and in both public and private markets. The firm has more than $38 billion in assets under management with over 400 professionals in six offices, including New York, Philadelphia, London, Dublin, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.


  • Davidson Kempner invests in distressed debt and stocks that are undergoing corporate restructuring including mergers, spin-offs, liquidations, and recapitalizations.

  • The firm utilizes an event-driven strategy which includes merger arbitrage, long/short, and convertible arbitrage to select its securities.

  • The firm consists of opportunistic and entrepreneurial investors with a disciplined investment process driven by in-depth research and risk management.