Trillion Dollar Triage

Full Name
Trillion Dollar Triage: How Jay Powell and the Fed Battled a President and a Pandemic—and Prevented Economic Disaster

Trillion Dollar Triage is a narrative account of the economic policy response to the shock caused by the COVID pandemic. It goes inside the Federal Reserve, one of the country’s most important and least understood institutions, to chronicle how its plainspoken chairman, Jay Powell, unleashed an unprecedented monetary barrage to keep the economy on life support. In Trillion Dollar Triage, Nick Timiraos, the Wall Street Journal’s chief economics correspondent, draws on extensive interviews to detail the tense meetings, late night phone calls, and crucial video conferences behind the largest, swiftest U.S. economic policy response since World War II. Trillion Dollar Triage is a definitive account of a creative and unprecedented battle to shield the American economy from the twin threats of a public health disaster and economic crisis.