The Education of a Value Investor

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The Education of a Value Investor: My Transformative Quest for Wealth, Wisdom, and Enlightenment

The Education Of A Value Investor traces the arc of transformation. It features the author’s own series of self-realizations that led him from an investment banking job to managing his own fund. Down the road, he has gained profound knowledge about investing and business—why the right mentors and role models are the key to long-term success, why self-knowledge is vital, how first rate education can get in the way, and how Buffett has influenced his goals. Ultimately, Guy Spier provides those who want to take a different path with the guidance, knowledge, and inspiration they need to succeed in their own terms.

“[Mr. Spier] is worth listening to. A graduate of Oxford University and Harvard Business School, he runs the Aquamarine Fund ...that has beaten the S&P 500 by an average of 4.9 percentage points annually. He believes that most investors pay attention to the wrong things and allow their minds to get hijacked by bad ideas. Individual investors are constantly being exhorted to try beating Wall Street at its own game of trading like crazy to chase whatever is hot. But why should you bother trying to play a game that even most professional players can't win? Instead, take a page from Mr. Spier's book and play by your own rules. The faster Wall Street runs, the more you should slow down and step back from that madness.” 

Jason Zweig, The Wall Street Journal

“It is rare to find as readable a book on value investing as this one. It is even rarer to find these investing insights wrapped in a set of life lessons that you will find thought provoking, challenging and useful. Pick this book up and you won't put it'll likely be a better person for it!” 

Len Schlesinger, Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School

“The Education of a Value Investor offers a remarkably cost-effective education for any type of Investor. And, oh, the lessons--of the forms of self-transformation, self-transcendence, and self-understanding that lead to investing success--stand to profit any reader, non-Investors included.” 

Robert B. Cialdini, Bestselling Author of Influence

“Our industry is extraordinarily competitive, and knowing oneself if a huge advantage. In this wonderful book, Guy allows us to understand his journey of discovering his way. This narrative gives us each the gift of helping us understand ourselves better-- helping us become better investors. I am both inspired and impressed by his example.” 

Lisa O'Dell Rapuano, founder, Lane Five Capital Management

“Famed value investor Guy Spier has managed to write what is both a gripping memoir and a fascinating study of what it takes to succeed in investing and life. A must read!” 

John Mihaljevic, CFA, Managing Editor, The Manual of Ideas

“The Education of a Value Investor is full of pearls of wisdom that can make you a better Investor, and its honesty will inspire and surprise you. It's the best book I've read that shares both highly valuable investing lessons and a fascinating description of the journey from novice to master Investor.” 

Ken Shubin Stein, MD CFA, Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing, Columbia Business School

“Highly readable…offers practical tools for everyone” 

James Mackintosh, Financial Times

“The most interesting investment book this year.” 

Phil Demuth,