Plan Your Prosperity

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Plan Your Prosperity: The Only Retirement Guide You'll Ever Need, Starting Now — Whether You're 22, 52 or 82

In Plan Your Prosperity, Ken Fisher demonstrates how you can better prepare for retirement by planning ahead and being aware of investor pitfalls—including investing myths. The book supplies you with a firm foundation in sound investment and retirement planning principles—giving you a framework for better understanding your financial needs, setting your financial goals, and creating a workable plan for your lifelong prosperity. It provides key principles and easy-to-follow exercises to better understand your current financial profile and estimate future, inflation-adjusted cash flow needs. Plan Your Prosperity can help you invest smarter and plan better for retirement, whether you're in retirement, just getting ready to retire, or 5 to 40 years out.

  • The book looks at common investor traps and how they can be overcome—like picking an appropriate portfolio benchmark and starting to save as soon as possible.

  • Ken Fisher debunks the idea that retirement planning is only appropriate at certain times, asserting instead that retirement planning is essentially the same as financial planning.

  • The book covers a bunch of other common pitfalls, like: believing volatility is the only risk that matters, relying on high-dividend stocks only for retirement cash flow, having unrealistic expectations, and more.

  • It covers the main concepts you should consider when crafting your retirement investing plan—these include careful consideration of your time horizons, return expectations, cash flow needs, your current financial situation and any other circumstances unique to you.

The book includes easy-to-follow steps like:

  • How to think, correctly, about investing time horizon

  • How to better figure how much income you need

  • How to determine if a portfolio can provide that income

  • How to figure how much to save each year to achieve retirement goals

  • What pitfalls to avoid

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: What? Me? Retire?

  • The Imagined Dichotomy

  • Two Goals … and Some Non-Goals

  • Definitions and a Pencil

  • Start Immediately. Now. Right Away

  • Plan Your Prosperity

Chapter 2: My Goals Are … What?

  • Why Is This So Hard?

  • Your Investing Goals, Simply

  • Potential Pitfall: Capital Preservation and Growth

  • Inflation’s Insidious Impact

  • Three Percent, Compounded

Chapter 3: The Secret Code—Asset Allocation or Benchmark?

Chapter 4: Time Horizon—Longer Than You Think

  • Potential Pitfall: Ignoring Opportunity Cost

  • Time Horizon—What Is It?

  • Time Horizon and Benchmark

Chapter 5: What’s in a Return?

  • Growth Defined

  • The Past as a Guide?

  • Gordon Moore and Endless Innovation

  • Potential Pitfall: Unrealistic Expectations

Chapter 6: Getting That Cash Flow

  • Potential Pitfall—The All High-Dividend Portfolio

  • How Much Do You Need?

  • Monte Carlo—Not Just a Casino

  • Let’s Get Bootstrapping

Chapter 7: Can I Get There?

  • How Much Do You Have?

  • A Savings Plan

Chapter 8: Putting It All Together

  • To Benchmark or Not to Benchmark

  • State Your Goals

  • Know Where You Are

  • Picking an Appropriate Benchmark

  • Finding Professional Help

  • Avoid Being a Fraud Victim

  • And You’re Off!

Appendix A: All Hail the Mighty Dow

Appendix B: Cash Flow Versus Expenses

Appendix C: Expense Categories

Appendix D: Personal Balance Sheet


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