Demography Unplugged

Demography Unplugged is designed to help savvy investors and business leaders uncover hidden trends and critical developments driving world markets and economies. Discover the likely winners and losers of “big ideas” as renowned demographer Neil Howe – the guy who coined the term “millennial” – distills game-changing new developments down to their essence. Howe’s highly sought-after analysis is now delivered throughout the month in an easy-to-use suite of investable insights. Ultimately, Demography Unplugged covers the big investing trends that really matter, while distilling broader implications for longer-term investors and proactive business leaders.

Inside Demography Unplugged


In his monthly newsletter, Neil Howe dissects a significant, potentially paradigm-shifting trend he thinks is critical for investors and business leaders to understand. From game-changing technologies like self-driving cars to more subtle glacial demographic trends reshaping our society, Howe’s deep, long-form analysis in “The Next Big Thing” highlights long-term winners and losers to help you optimize your particular positioning.


This weekly newsletter features Neil Howe’s “quick take” on “big ideas” and developments popping up on his radar screen. Neil tackles a broad swath of issues across demographics, economics, finance and business to provide valuable context about why a particular issue matters and the broader investing implications. If “The Next Big Thing” is your deep-dive analysis on a single topic, “Trendspotting” is your high-level Cliff Notes, your weekly update on the investing mega-trends to keep on your own radar screen.


In his weekly Monday morning podcast, Neil discusses the newsworthy market events that will prove the most timely, topical and consequential in the week ahead. Howe talks through and recaps the news looming largest on his radar screen to keep your investing laser focused and confident. This exclusive podcast will also feature special guests, selected from his contact list of some of the sharpest minds in finance and business.


As an added bonus, Demography Unplugged subscribers will also receive special access to bonus content featuring additional insight and perspective from Neil Howe. This will come in the form of video presentations, live online video Q&As and deep-dive, topical research notes.