CSULB Beach Investment Group

Founding Date

CSULB Beach Investment Group is an honors-level course encouraging undergraduate or graduate students with passion for finance. BIG participants are interested in finance - the practice of portfolio management, asset allocation, accounting, economics, business strategy, and statistics. BIG makes investment decisions, engages in econometric modeling, researches specific economic sectors, and studies corporate cultures. The group has grown since its founding, covering a full academic year and providing students with hands-on investment experience by managing a portfolio of over $700K between three distinct funds. These portfolios are invested in a mix of fixed income and equity securities, and a mix of value and momentum equity holdings. BIG is proud to compete annually in the CFAOC Request-for-Proposal (RFP) Competition against other elite student-managed portfolios in the region.

BIG's 3 Non-Profit Clients:

BIG Membership includes:

  • High-quality, research-informed, professional presentations

  • Real-time experience analyzing and recommending securities in the market

  • High-level, team-first leadership roles and opportunities via executive roles

  • Social media, grassroots, and networking marketing efforts

  • Bloomberg terminals from the College's Bloomberg Lab