Hedgeye Risk Management

Hedgeye Risk Management

Hedgeye Risk Management
Research Firm

Founded in 2008, Hedgeye Risk Management envisioned a level playing field between Wall Street and everyday investors. It provides hedge fund quality research with its founding principles—transparency, accountability, and trust. It develops models for global economies and provides risk ranges. The firm does not have an investment banking arm, nor a proprietary trading desk. Hedgeye only prospers by delivering to subscribers the sharpest research around.

More About Hedgeye Risk Management

Hedgeye Risk Management helps investors in three main ways.

It models the top 50 economies around the globe.

It provides a quantitative risk range model that helps investors buy low and sell high.

It helps investors beat Wall Street by tracking consensus positioning.

It focuses a lot on the derivative or rate of change—a key differentiator.

Its Proprietary GIP (Growth Inflation Policy) model separates the economy into four distinct zones.

It is based on metrics of change in growth and change in inflation.

It includes an overlay of expected central bank actions.

It follows a 3-Factor Risk Management Mode: Price, Volume & Volatility.

It uses a data-driven process to make recommendations.

It combines all modeling and analysis into a quarterly investment outlook.

It provides the three most important Macro themes for the quarter.