Zoe Cruz

Zoe Cruz

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1955 - present

Zoe Cruz is a senior banking executive and Founder and CEO of Menai Financial Group, a leading provider of institutional-grade digital asset investment products and trading services. Under her leadership, Menai bridges the gap between traditional and digital finance through the development of market and investment infrastructure in the digital asset space. Zoe is a highly accomplished executive who spent decades at the forefront of the financial services industry, working in trading and capital markets. She has broad experience and extensive understanding of business and financial markets, with a proven track record of creating and growing highly profitable businesses. Prior to Menai, Zoe had a 25-year tenure at Morgan Stanley, where she most recently served as Co-President of the firm. At Morgan Stanley, she ran major revenue-generating businesses, including the company’s securities, risk management and information technology organizations. In addition to her leadership position at Menai, Zoe serves as Founder and CEO of EOZ Global, a single-family office.

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