Menai Financial Group

Founding Date

Menai Financial Group is a leading developer and provider of payment technology tools designed to accelerate the financial revolution. An emerging leader in the transformational digital asset class, Menai aims to bridge the traditional world of finance and the new world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The company offers a diversified index fund and actively managed fund specializing in the management, proprietary trading, and market-making of digital assets. Menai operates two primary businesses: Menai Asset Management, an investment management platform that offers holistic, risk-adjusted exposure to the digital asset space, and Menai Markets, a market making platform, that is targeted to institutional clients and customers.


  • Institutional-grade investment products

  • Access the significant upside of digital assets while reducing their exposure to the operational, economic risks, and lack of portfolio diversity

  • Enables clients to buy into a more objective, holistic, and adaptive vision for the digital asset space


  • Institutional-grade market making across all digital assets

  • Seeks to provide the same standard of liquidity during challenging markets as during periods of market strength