Wendy O

Wendy O

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Crypto Wendy O

Wendy O is a marketing consultant, cryptocurrency educator, YouTube media creator and host of The Wendy O Show, the largest and most-watched, female-run crypto YouTube program globally, where she focuses on bringing complex information to the masses in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. In addition, she is the Founder of CryptoWendyO Media, a blockchain marketing and consultancy. Wendy became interested in crypto and blockchain technology in 2017. Since then, she has turned into one of the largest female voices in the crypto space, focused on providing transparent marketing and media solutions for blockchain companies globally. She also hosts face-to-face meetups and educates legislators and the people on the benefits of this emerging industry. Prior to joining the crypto space, Wendy worked at the largest infectious disease nonprofit in the world.

Professional Experience


  • Wendy began hosting crypto meetups to talk trading and networking, before launching a YouTube channel to stream the events.

  • She is known for her free crypto networking and technical analysis meetups, promoting face-to-face communication and mass adoption.

  • In addition, she also provides educational videos of blockchain and crypto via YouTube and Twitter.


  • Wendy coordinated care for 300 patients each month between all healthcare providers.

  • She played a vital role in implementing a new CRM database and lead training for the new system conversion nationwide.