Susan Webb

Susan Webb

Formal First Name
1957 - present

Susan Webb is the Co-Founder, President, and Chief Investment Officer of Appomattox Advisory. She has had a very successful 30-year career on Wall Street, developing expertise in trading and structuring derivatives. Webb has trained or has worked closely with many of today’s successful hedge fund managers. This experience has provided her a strong insight into their use of leverage and financing tools, as well as complex derivatives and the appropriateness of the pricing techniques that managers utilize.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Webb began her career as an actuary for Travelers, doing risk analysis for commercial lines which gave her a broad understanding of opportunities in the investing field.
  • She worked next at Irving Trust, where she completed the credit analyst program and specialized in workouts and structuring and marketing of private placements. 
  • She later joined Citibank, where she structured, traded, and marketed cross-currency and currency interest rate swaps and options.
  • She moved to Banque Paribas Capital Markets, where she started and then ran the sales and trading operation for U.S. and Latin American and Canadian Equity Derivatives, convertibles, and the stock-borrow desk. 
  • She transferred to CIBC, where she was responsible for developing the company's presence in credit derivatives.
  • She was recruited by Caisse des Dépôts in 2000 and established their credit derivative and synthetic CLO and hedge fund structuring business in the United States.
  • She established and ran First Atlas Capital, responsible for the launch and running of a Private Equity Seeding Platform for Emerging Hedge Fund Managers.