Sebastian Purcell

Sebastian Purcell

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Dr. Sebastian Purcell is the Founding Partner, CEO, and CIO of 1.2 Capital, a leading digital assets fund manager that translates the best practices from Wall Street into the cryptocurrency world. In his roles, he is responsible for firm vision within the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape, as well as portfolio execution and advancement of the Three Stage Algorithm™, 1.2 Capital’s trading algorithm for high volatility assets. Since 2017, his algorithm has amassed more than 40 million views relating to educational content he publishes in that field. Sebastian is an academic turned cryptocurrency hedge fund manager and investor. Prior to founding 1.2 Capital, he built an online crypto trading school called "The Art of The Bubble", where he provided tutorials on trading mechanics as well as one-on-one consulting services for high-net-worth investors. Sebastian is currently on leave for The State University of New York where he serves as a tenured Associate Professor of Philosophy.

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  • The Art of The Bubble is an online school that teaches people how to trade volatile assets, such as cryptocurrencies and cannabis stocks.

  • The school is now part of 1.2 Labs, which is presently focused on deploying a platform that is ChatGPT for finance--i.e., a generative AI able to produce an indefinite number of trading strategies for users.


  • Sebastian is currently a tenured Associate Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Cortland.

  • His research interests include logic, ancient philosophy, aztec philosophy, and ethics, among others.

  • He was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Wheaton College, where he taught courses as well as the Advanced Latin American Philosophy Course.

  • He also served as a Teaching Fellow at Boston College, where he was a member and participant of The Society for African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American Descent (AHANA) for five years.