Samir Madani

Samir Madani

Formal First Name

Samir Madani is the Co-Founder and CEO of, one of the world's foremost sources covering illicit movements of oil. Under his leadership, TankerTrackers uses open-source data and its own analysis to track the movement of oil tankers worldwide. He does a lot of imagery analysis of the vessels that move around the world in a very stealthy manner. Madani began following ship movements as a hobby. Not long after, this pastime was transformed into a fully incorporated commercial enterprise in 2018, with Madani going full time, together with co-founders Lisa Ward and Breki Tomasson. Madani was also one of the co-creators of the Twitter community #OOTT, the Organization of Oil Trading Tweeters.


  • Every week, he is discovering new tactics, from just manipulating the AIS beacon data to putting in that extra effort to change the physical appearance of the vessel.

  • He sources more imagery from all over the world to always be ahead of these tankers. 

  • He does forensic analysis of these vessels and does not merely rely on things like AI or machine learning for detecting these vessels.

  • The company focuses on monitoring crude oil and refined products like gasoline and diesel, providing insights into tanker movements, cargo volumes, and trade routes.

  • Their transparency has earned them a loyal following among oil analysts, journalists, and even casual observers interested in the global oil trade.