Ronan McMahon

Ronan McMahon

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Ronan McMahon is the Founder and Editor of Real Estate Trend Alerts. He is a global real estate scout who spends six months of every year on the road, finding and negotiating the opportunity to buy low and make a serious profit from capital appreciation, rental income, or a mixture of both. One of his biggest strengths is identifying markets that are due for an upswing in values. McMahon also knows how to spot the right crisis market, where a buyer can get in cheap now but profit massively as values return to where they should be. McMahon puts his money, his time, and his shoe leather into hunting down and negotiating the best deals worldwide so that members of his group can profit.

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  • McMahon has called it right countless times over his two decades of real estate investment and scouting:
    • The year 2000 in Ireland, ahead of what became known as the Celtic Tiger, a period of unrivaled and historic economic growth for the country—and its real estate market.
    • He called it again in Panama, in 2004, when he predicted that values in Panama City were about to spiral quickly.
    • He did it in Northeast Brazil, in 2008 when the market was on the precipice of a huge rise in values.
    • And he was ahead of the big growth in Tulum on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, in 2009, when few investors had gotten in.
  • He knows how to wait for the right “trigger moment” to play a crisis market.
    • In Ireland, following its crisis in 2009, he bided his time to make a recommendation until 2011 when the first auctions started in the country.
    • In Spain and Portugal, it was fire sales that provided the trigger moment, in 2013.
    • In Cabo, Mexico, in 2015, when a rare convergence of circumstances meant you could lock down a luxury home for a fraction of its true worth.