Roger Dickerman

Roger Dickerman

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Roger Dickerman is a respected creator, collector, and one of the biggest proponents of the NFT space. Roger is the Founder and CEO of Artifex, a project that highlights original Artwork and 3D sculpture NFTs immortalizing top digital artists. The Artifex project showcases the works of the 3D Artists who drove the development of the NFT market, and preserves their Art for the next century. After stArting his professional career at a global trading firm, Roger entered digital art and NFTs as both a collector and an investor. He stArted NFT Origin Stories, a video show, and podcast that tells Artists’ stories. Previously, he had been involved in finance, business develop development, health and wellness, and community building, among others.


  • Artifex is a household name in the NFT space that bridges the gap between URL and IRL.

  • The platform creates unique 3D sculptures from a wide variety of artists, revolutionizing the way in which these natively digital works can be displayed.