Robert Ashton

Robert Ashton

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The Barefoot Entrepreneur

Robert Ashton is the Founder of The Turnpike Press, a non-fiction publisher focusing on books that convey positive social change. Dubbed as the Barefoot Entrepreneur, he seeks to bring change with sensitivity and gentleness. Ashton is a bestselling business author who has penned at least 20 books on business, entrepreneurship, and the self-help genre. He is also a distinguished charity trustee and social entrepreneur. Driven by a great sense of social justice, this righteous speaker works with charities, schools, and corporations.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Ashton founded Swarm Apprenticeships to empower young people using enterprise qualifications.  
  • He co-founded Norwich Mustard, a community-owned business formed to maintain mustard production in Norwich. 
  • He views entrepreneurship as a skill that can enable individuals, organizations, and whole communities to take charge of their futures.
  • Mental health is another topic about which Ashton speaks.
    • He is very open about his own experience of living with depression
    • He speaks about the importance of managing mental health in the workplace.
  • As a Quaker, he is committed to playing his part in making the world a better, fairer place.
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.