Founding Date

Swarm is a provider of a compliant, permissioned decentralized finance infrastructure for token issuance, liquidity and trading. Swarm combines the innovation of DeFi with investor protection, allowing users to invest, stake and trade digitized traditional financial products alongside crypto assets in one unified environment. The firm brings tradable stocks and bonds to decentralised finance with tokenized Apple, Tesla and US Treasury bonds. Swarm offers a secure environment, helping investors and companies overcome compliance barriers. The firm enables you to retain full control of the assets in your wallet and gives you direct access to capital and crypto markets 24/7, without paying for costly intermediaries.


  • Swarm empowers financial innovators to build their own marketplaces in the era of tokenization.

  • Swarm offers a complete API and smart contract solution that combines regulatory compliance with the ability to self custody assets.

  • The firm issues SX1411, the gold standard for tokenization, and SX1155, a standard that connects tokens with verifiable data.


  • Offers an intuitive UI that manages custom workflows for your digital assets, from issuance to redemption.

  • Brings a versatile white-label liquidity platform for tokenized assets on regulated and decentralized infrastructure.

  • Offers on-chain disclosures, giving proof of provenance for the underlying assets of their tokens.

  • Integrates blockchain with financial markets and combines the advantage of blockchain-trading with the assets from traditional exchanges.

  • Opens up new opportunities for banks, neo-banks, broker-dealers, asset managers and alternative investment industries.