Preston Pysh

Preston Pysh

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Preston Pysh is an entrepreneur, investor, author, and cryptocurrency proponent, recognized for his insights on value investing, business and leadership. He is the Co-Founder and Show Host of The Investor's Podcast Network, which hosts several finance and investment-related podcasts. Through his podcasts, he has interviewed numerous financial experts, business leaders, and thinkers, providing listeners with a deep understanding of various investment topics. Preston is one of the most prominent voices in finance when it comes to Bitcoin's role in both traditional financial markets and future investment paradigms. He has been involved in several initiatives and podcasts to promote Bitcoin's potential, including interviews with prominent figures in the Bitcoin community.

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  • Preston is an advocate for Bitcoin, known for his contributions to Bitcoin education and adoption globally.

  • He is recognized for his significant impact on educating people about Bitcoin's role in finance, economics, and the global macro landscape.

  • He has also been vocal about Bitcoin's potential to disrupt traditional financial systems and has shared his insights on various platforms.


  • His podcast, We Study Billionaires, has been downloaded millions of times per year.

  • His business podcast is globally ranked #1 on iTunes for stock investing and numerous other categories.

  • He has written numerous books on investing and leadership and has been ranked as a top 35 business author on Amazon

  • His videos on financial investing have been viewed by millions of people around the world. 

  • He has interviewed billionaire NBA sports team owners, hedge fund managers, and global authorities in finance


  • He has authored and co-authored a number of investment and autobiographical works. 

  • His work has been featured on shows like The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, The History Channel, and many others.

  • He has also been featured or quoted in Forbes, Bitcoin Magazine, Top Traders Unplugged, and Real Vision, among others.