Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher

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Mike Gallagher is the Managing Director of Macroeconomic and Strategy at Continuum Economics, a leading independent economic, policy and financial markets research firm. In his role, Mike heads the economic research and strategy team which incorporates economists and strategists from Roubini, a firm acquired by Continuum in 2016. Prior to Continuum, he spent 26 years at IDEAglobal where he held various roles including Director of Research, Senior FX strategist, Senior Bond Strategist and Head of Economics. He was also an Economist and Debt Analyst at MMS International, where he delivered analysis of global government bond and money markets and their spillover impact on the UK debt market. Throughout his career, Mike has acquired extensive experience of providing independent markets and economics research in a global organization.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Mike Gallagher is Head of Markets Research at Continuum's London office.

  • As Head of Research, Mike's focus is on medium-term economic forecasts on 32 countries, policy insights and financial market forecasts.

  • Prior to Continuum, he was General Manager at CRU where he managed the strong fertilizers research team of the firm's global information business.

  • At IDEAglobal, Mike created daily strategy research on the FX market, incorporating macro and policy themes.

  • As a Hedge Fund Consultant at IDEAglobal, he successfully launched consultancy services on central bank policy covering key European countries.

  • He also applied analytical techniques to forecast bond yields and trading opportunities for major government bond markets while at 

  • At MMS International, Mike was responsible for the understanding of the economic picture to shape forecasts.

Mike Gallagher's Volunteer Experience

  • British Heart Foundation

  • Cancer Research UK