Continuum Economics

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Continuum Economics is an independent macroeconomic, policy and financial markets research firm providing actionable insights to global financial professionals. Through the combination of the firm’s scenario analysis and proprietary country risk model, Continuum meets the needs of their global client base consisting of central banks and government organizations, asset and wealth managers, risk professionals, and private equity and corporations. The firm follows a rigorous, systematic approach to deciphering the dynamics of the global economy, unearthing opportunities and identifying risks. Continuum’s research is produced from their London, New York and Singapore research centers for a global audience of over 600 banks, asset managers, corporations, central banks and government organizations.

  • Continuum Economics specializes in Economic Research, Market Strategy Research, Scenario Analysis, Country Risk Scoring, and Policy Insights.

  • The firm also offers comprehensive economic and policy insights, technical analysis and intelligence on market psychology and flows.

  • Continuum's medium term forecasts and research (6 months to 2 years)

  • Continuum's long-term forecasts and themes (2 to 10 years)

  • Continuum's research packages are: Thematic Research Professional; Tactical Research Professional; and Thematic and Tactical Pro.

  • The firm delivers their data through desktop/mobile/tablet, newsletter, email alerts, notifications, Bloomberg, and Refinitiv.