Michael Parekh

Michael Parekh

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Michael Parekh is a Wall Street veteran for over 20 years who has been living online since the early days of CompuServe in the 80s and AOL in the '90s. He was an institutional investor ranked analyst for the internet for many years, and has extensive experience in identifying, advising, incubating and investing in entrepreneurs focused on building industry disruptive businesses. After two decades at Goldman Sachs, Michael avidly follows technology and internet trends, actively invests in public and private companies, and serves on advisory boards of various companies. His focus spanned Internet sectors from software, access, infrastructure, and wireless, to online consumer, commerce and content companies worldwide. In the 1990's, Michael was the lead research analyst for the IPOs of leading Internet companies like UUNET, Yahoo!, eBay, DoubleClick, GeoCities, Exodus, Real Networks, Checkpoint Software, Red Hat, LoudCloud, Equinix, amongst many other pioneering companies.

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  • He was a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Alpha Edison and a Technology partner at Beacon Bay Holdings.

  • Through the 1990s, he led the publishing of a wide array of Internet research reports in conjunction with the firm's industry analysts.

  • He covered companies like America Online and Netscape.