Michael Casey

Michael Casey

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Michael Casey is Chief Content Officer at CoinDesk. With over 30 years in journalism, business, and academia, he has a profound understanding of the technological, geopolitical, and economic trends defining the future. He is a recognized expert on the history and evolution of blockchain. Casey focuses on projects that harness blockchains and other technologies to improve access to the digital economy. As a public speaker, Casey presents, lectures, and consults to global audiences and corporate leaders to help them learn about blockchain technology and face the impact of digital disruption.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Casey helps people conceive new models for economic success that bypass data-controlling middlemen.
  • He seeks to advance public understanding of the potential for digital innovation to further the public good.
  • His definitive books on blockchain offer a comprehensive view of how decentralization and digital transformation are changing the world today.
  • His interests include the social, economic, and political impact of digital technology and globalization
  • His talks present how software and algorithm can supplement and improve aging, analog institutions.
  • He is also an advisor to multiple businesses and nonprofits. 
  • He is a globetrotter who has lived and worked on five continents.
  • He spent more than two decades as a journalist, including 18 years with The Wall Street Journal.
  • He has also written for many other publications, including The Harvard Business Review, Foreign Affairs, and The Washington Post
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.