Marko Kolanovic

Marko Kolanovic

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1975 - present

Marko Kolanovic, a prominent financial executive and strategist, is the Chief Global Market Strategist and Co-Head of Global Research at JP Morgan. His team is responsible for developing macro, derivatives and quantitative equity strategies, as well as systematic cross-asset portfolios for clients. His research often focuses on market volatility, risk management, and the impact of quantitative and algorithmic trading on financial markets. His trading methods have been implemented by major hedge funds and investment offices around the world. Prior to joining JP Morgan, Dr. Kolanovic was Global Head of Derivatives and Quantitative Equity Strategies at Bear Stearns and a derivatives research analyst at Merrill Lynch. In 2020, he was introduced to the Institutional Investor's Hall of Fame.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • He is a top equity strategist known for his work in the fields of quantitative investing and risk management.

  • He is recognized for his research and insights in areas such as quantitative finance, market dynamics, and derivatives. 

  • He is also a physicist who has developed a number of scientific theories/models, and has authored top-cited research publications.