Marc Levinson

Marc Levinson

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1953 - present

Marc Levinson is an economist, historian, and journalist specializing in trade and economics, international finance, globalization, transportation, and energy. Throughout his career, Levinson has been making complex economic issues understandable to the general public. He is also the bestselling author of books, merging his interests with economics and business strategy with historical research. Previously, he was an editorial director at the daily Journal of Commerce in New York, a writer at Newsweek magazine, and a turn as finance and economics editor of The Economist in London. He has consulted with a number of companies and government agencies and has spoken to academic and business audiences around the world.


  • Levinson was previously Senior Fellow for International Business at the Council on Foreign Relations, and Finance and Economics Editor at The Economist.

  • He spent a decade at JP Morgan Chase, developing a unique industry economic function and initiating the bank's environmental research for investors.

  • He was a Senior Fellow for international business at the Council on Foreign Relations and managed transportation and industry analysis at the Congressional Research Service.


  • He has written for many leading publications and websites, from Time to Bloomberg to Harvard Business Review, Foreign Affairs, and the New York Times. 

  • He reviews books on business and history for the Wall Street Journal and also contributes to scholarly publications.