Jose Maria Macedo

Jose Maria Macedo

Formal First Name
Jose Maria

José Maria Macedo is a Partner at Delphi Digital, an independent research boutique based in New York City. He is responsible for overseeing, iterating, and improving the investment process of the firm. He also serves as a Partner at AmaZix Capital, where he started off as an analyst and worked his way up to co-founding and leading the advisory department. A token economic expert, Macedo also advises the government on how to understand, structure, and regulate crypto assets.

Professional Experience

Academic History



  • Macedo began playing professional poker in his teens, building a bankroll from $30 at the age of 16 to $1,600,000 at the age of 18. 
  • He achieved one of the highest win rates in 6max poker.
  • He became one of the most recognizable names in online poker, attracting sponsorships from PokerStrategy and LockPoker.
  • He quit poker at age 19 and went to university to study Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, with a focus on Game Theory and Econometrics.


  • During university, Macedo started several profitable businesses in various sectors and achieved a successful exit of an e-commerce business to Gailarde Ltd.
  • He graduated with First Class Honors while starting several businesses.
  • He currently owns participations in a hotel, online kitchen/bedding supplies company, and a martial arts academy with a cumulative annual turnover of over $1,200,000.

  • Macedo is currently a writer at FreeCodeCamp, with over 350,000 subscribers)
  • He spends his time researching and analyzing whitepapers to provide deep-dive due diligence reports on potential partners and investment recommendations.


  • Macedo has spoken at conferences all over the world.
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.
  • He regularly writes about blockchain, with a particular focus on token economics.
  • His writings and thoughts have been featured in leading publications, including EuroNews, Yahoo Finance, and 
  • His business ventures have been featured on National TV and Huffington Post.

  • Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Award
  • Shell Livewire Grand Ideas Award
  • Enterprise Champion Award
  • Student Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Macedo enjoys reading, training, and competing in martial arts.
  • He is interested in learning languages backpacking, going out, meeting interesting people, creating, advising, and investing in businesses.