John Spears

John Spears

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John Spears is the Founder and Managing Member of Avondale Private Lending, a private investment fund that makes short-term loans to real estate developers and renovation companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area. His experience as an investor, as a former client of financial service firms, and as a private lender led to the creation of the Avondale companies. Since then John has underwritten over 400 private loan transactions totaling over $140 million, and delivered consistent 8-12% annual returns to the fund’s investors. He is a member of the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) and has completed the Certified Fund Manager designation from AAPL.

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"Private lending is such an underutilized investment strategy. So many people invest in real estate, but very few people invest in loans that are secured by real estate. That is the opportunity."

John Spears, Founder