John Netto

John Netto

Formal First Name
12/17/1974 - present

John Netto is the Founder of The Protean Trader. He is a multi-asset class trader who is recognized for developing, executing, and managing proprietary algorithmic and discretionary trading strategies across a range of time horizons, asset classes, and market regimes. Netto has carried out multiple live trading webinars where viewers watch his P&L, positions, and orders in real-time for total transparency of his methods. His insights on market ideas, industry insight, and emerging trends have been featured on CNBC’s Fast Money, Closing Bell, and Squawk on the Street.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Netto is the Creator of the Netto Number, a ratio that measures performance on a return per unit-of-risk basis.
  • He is the Creator of the Risk Factor Compensation System, an incentive structure that allows investors to pay managers for their return per unit-of-risk while lowering the risk of paying them for natural market performance.
  • He is the Creator and Emcee of The Global Macro Edge Series, live and interactive educational workshops bringing together great speakers to help investors understand key global Macro issues.
  • He is the Creator of the Protean Strategy, for which he was named by as Strategy Developer of the Month. 
  • He was featured in the Life on the Line and Ghost Exchange, documentary movies where he simplified to viewers some of the complex aspects of creating a point spread model on The Super Bowl and executing high-frequency trading strategies. 
  • He speaks, reads, and writes Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish to help him articulate his vision of the markets to an international audience. 
  • He served in the United States Marine Corps for over eight years and is passionate about Veterans' causes.
  • He is a regular contributor to numerous media outlets, including Bloomberg TV, CNBC, Fox Business Channel, and The Wall Street Journal, 
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.