Jim Leitner

Jim Leitner

Formal First Name
James (Jim)

Jim Leitner is the Founder and President of Falcon Management Corporation, a family office. Jim is one of the greatest macro investors of all time and was once a currency expert on Wall Street, pulling billions from the markets. He is known for amassing spectacular returns by using an investment approach that helped him make money across asset classes. Previously, Jim worked as a foreign exchange trader at Morgan Guaranty, as Chief Dealer at Bank of America International, as Vice President for proprietary trading at Shearson Lehman and as Managing Director in the Global Trading Department at Bankers Trust

Professional Experience

Academic History




  • While trading the Eurodollar market at JP Morgan, he became an expert on euro swiss francs, euro deutsche marks and euro pesetas.

  • He then became an FX trainee with J.P. Morgan and then a currency forward trader.

  • He was then hired by the Bank of America to run forwards, exotics and all currency trading outside the major currencies.

  • He moved to Shearson Lehman as a proprietary trader, and later moved to Bankers Trust and spent five years trading currencies.


  • Jim established the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at Fordham Law School, an innovative “Think-and-Do Tank” that aims to make international human rights protection an everyday reality for marginalized communities around the world. 

  • He also established the Leitner Program in International and Comparative Political Economy at Yale University.