Jill Carlson

Jill Carlson

Formal First Name

Jill Carlson is a Principal at Slow Ventures, where she manages the blockchain portion of the $220 million fund. She is also the Co-Founder of the Open Money Initiative, a non-profit organization focusing on how people in the developing world use cryptocurrency and fiat money. In addition, Carlson serves as an advisor on cryptocurrency and blockchain-based enterprises. With a focus on innovation around markets and governance, Carlson continues to conduct academic research on the use of cryptocurrencies in emerging markets.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Carlson traded sovereign debt and derivatives in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Venezuela.
  • While at Harvard University, she was captain of the Division I NCAA Rowing Team which won the league championship.
  • In 2016, she published “Cryptocurrencies and Capital Controls” which was among the first studies formally examining how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were and were not being used by individuals and institutions to evade Capital controls and financial regulations. This work was done as part of her master's degree at Oxford University.
  • She advises startups including Algorand, O(1) Labs, and Risk Labs.
  • She consulted for projects including 0x, dYdX, CoinList, Tezos, and the Electric Coin (Zcash) Company. 
  • She hosts the What Grinds My Gears podcast with fellow crypto-enthusiast Meltem Demirors.
  • She has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.