Hugh Hendry

Hugh Hendry

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1969 - present

Hugh Hendry is an award-winning hedge fund manager, market commentator, and thought leader known for his contrarian approach to investing. His prescience in anticipating the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 earned him a reputation as a prophetic iconoclast. Hendry was the Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer of the now defunct Eclectica Asset Management, a global macro hedge fund purchased out of Odey Asset Management. In September 2017, Hendry stunned the world when, out of the blue, he shut down his hedge fund Eclectica. He is now influencing a new generation of market makers with his successful podcast, viral social media posts, and appearances on various influential financial media outlets. He resides in St. Barts, where he is a leading investor in luxury real estate and an avid surfer.

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  • Hendry is a vocal proponent of contrarian investing, where he looks to profit from market moves that are out of sync with the broader market.

  • He has a history of making bold market predictions, and his investment strategies often go against the consensus.

  • His investment philosophy is rooted in the belief that markets are inefficient and that there are always opportunities to profit from mispricings.

  • His approach involves analyzing economic trends, political developments, and other factors that can impact the global economy.