Hugh Hendry

Hugh Hendry

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Portfolio King
3/16/1969 - present

Hugh Hendry is the Founding Partner of Eclectica Asset Management. His reputation as a contrarian investor arose after his fund achieved a 31.2% positive return in 2008 during the financial crisis, and outspoken media appearances have brought him wider renown. In September 2017, Hendry stunned the world when, out of the blue, he shut down his hedge fund Eclectica. Disgusted with how broken and impossible to navigate capital markets had become as a result of central bank intervention, Hendry retired to the warm embrace of St Barts, even though it was clear he still had much left to say about the investing process.

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  • Hendry‚Äôs talent for positioning his funds to profit while also limiting downside exposure has made him a legend in the hedge-fund world.
  • His world-class knowledge of portfolio construction has led to his being dubbed the "portfolio King."
  • He can be found on Twitter at @hendry_hugh and on Instagram at hughhendryofficial
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.