Crispin Odey

Crispin Odey

Formal First Name
Robin Crispin (Crispin)
1959 - present

Crispin Odey is the Founding Partner and Portfolio Manager at Odey Asset Management. He established the hedge fund in 1991 and ran the business until leaving office in November 2020. Odey also managed the Baring European Growth Trust and Continental European pension funds at Barings Asset Management and Framlington Fund Managers. He is most known for his bearish outlook on the markets.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • According to The New York Times, Odey "came to prominence during the 2008 financial crisis when he shorted banking shares, a lucrative wager that helped him to earn almost 28 million pounds that year".
  • He came to wide attention in 2008 when he paid himself £28 million after successfully anticipating the credit crunch. That year, his return was 54.8%.
  • He continued his short positions into early 2009 but in April took longer positions as he predicted the market rally of that year.
  • The Times newspaper selected Odey as a "Business Big Shot" in 2008.